Supporting disadvantaged pupils in East Cambridgeshire with their reading and writing

Supporting disadvantaged pupils in East Cambridgeshire with their reading and writing

Mrs Wordsmith has been working with Powerful Words, an exciting ongoing project aimed at reducing word poverty for disadvantaged pupils in East Cambridgeshire. The project is funded by East Cambridgeshire Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) and led by Beth Morrish, Director of the Morris Teaching School Alliance.

Powerful Words uses Mrs Wordsmith products to support accelerated progress in reading and writing for KS2 pupils in years 3 - 6, by extending their receptive and expressive vocabulary. The project introduces 15 minutes per day of additional vocabulary instruction in class, focusing on Tier 2 words found in Mrs Wordsmith materials. The goal of the project is to teach children 120 new words each term over the course of  5 terms. At the end of each term, students will take a short vocabulary test that Mrs Wordsmith prepared for them, so that their teacher will be able to keep track of their progress.

So far we’ve had loads of great feedback from the teachers about how Mrs Wordsmith illustrations have brightened their classrooms, turning them into rich language environments where students have daily opportunities to engage with new vocabulary. We’ve also heard wonderful stories about how students use our words not only in the classroom, but also in the playground, and even during their playful squabbles!

Here is some of the recent feedback from these inspiring teachers, praising the Powerful Words project and Mrs Wordsmith’s resources:

"Thank you for being part of the project and for your awesome resources Mrs Wordsmith... they have totally inspired the children at Peckover Primary School."

- Andy Buffham, Assistant Vice Principal at a Primary School in Cambridgeshire.


"Elm class have really impressed me with their love of PWP words and all things language. From choosing words to describe each other and displaying them on chairs to blowing me away with descriptive writing - proud teacher time!!

- Mrs Ward, Rackham Primary School


"So proud of our jumps forward in writing as a school. The children are driven. They are excited about writing. They are excited to discuss. They are excited about vocabulary. They are excelling."  - Mrs E, Primary School Teacher


"Can’t stop the impact of PWP!!  Even at the school disco - voracious boogying."    - Mrs Ward, Rackham Primary School


In fact, students love Mrs Wordsmith’s resources so much, that they asked to dress up as Mrs Wordsmith words for the celebration of World Book Day (or should we say World Word Day!) last March.

We were thrilled to receive these snaps from Rackham Primary School, where everyone dressed up in costumes inspired by Mrs Wordsmith words. Check out these interpretations of affluent, iridescent, and eclectic!


We can’t wait to hear more as the project continues - watch this space for more feedback and updates from these inspiring teachers and pupils in East Cambridgeshire!

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