Why I Designed My Own Vocabulary Program

Why I Designed My Own Vocabulary Program

Mrs Wordsmith was started by a mum (also a writer) at her kitchen table who took the time to listen to her children in a different way. She wanted to understand better how they would change the world of education if we put the power in their hands. How could education be led by intrinsic motivation and the desire to accelerate your own learning?

Inspired by this, she set off to build a talented team of relentlessly creative artists, writers, and techies, as well as world-renowned education experts. 

In Sofia Fenichell's own words:

"My idea was based on the fact that children learn better visually. It makes the meaning of complex words easier to explain.  

I knew Mrs Wordsmith would need a creative genius to make this vision a reality, so I reached out to the best artist in Hollywood — Emmy-award winner Craig Kellman, the illustrator behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania.

But creativity alone wouldn’t save the day. It was important that we designed our program with rock-solid, current education research. Which, despite their breakthroughs, is not being implemented into education systems fast enough. 

So I built a team of leading university professors and graduates in education design, linguistics, cognitive behaviour, and English literature; as well as lexicographers from the Chambers and Oxford English Dictionaries.

Education is about content — effectively and efficiently transferring information, in the shortest, most inspiring way possible. 

My idea had caught on so much that teachers from around the world enquired about how they could implement our program at schools.

I presented the story in this 10-minute talk that I gave at TEDx recently."

Sofia Fenichell speaking at TEDx