Meet the cross- disciplinary team behind the scenes

Our diverse and talented bunch of in-house creatives, researchers, marketers, and techies are supported by world-leading experts from the fields of education, publishing, gaming, and beyond.


Sofia fenichell 🇺🇸

CCO & Founder

Alex Dale 🇬🇧


Ben Legg 🇬🇧

Board Member

Leon Welters 🇱🇺

Production Lead

Stephen Dyva 🇩🇰

Art Director

Martin Kristensen 🇩🇰

Senior Engineer

Lady San Pedro 🇵🇭

Associate Creative Director

Our Experts

Craig Kellman 🇺🇸

Creative Advisor
Award-winning illustrator, animator, and character designer, and Creative Advisor to Mrs Wordsmith

Susan Neuman 🇺🇸

Curriculum Designer
Professor of Childhood and Literacy Education, NYU

Ted Briscoe 🇬🇧

Machine Learning Advisor
Professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge

Michael Levine 🇺🇸

US Market Advisor
Senior Vice President at Nickelodeon and former Chief Knowledge Officer at Sesame Workshop

Emma Madden 🇬🇧

Curriculum Designer
Britain's leading headmistress of Fox Primary Schools

Roger Beard 🇬🇧

Curriculum Advior
Emeritus Professor of Primary Education, University College London

Ian brookes 🇬🇧

Lexicography Advisor
Former Editor-in-Chief to the Chambers Dictionary

Björn Jeffery 🇸🇪🇬🇧

App & Game Development Advisor
Former Co-Founder and CEO of Toca Boca

Eleni 🇨🇾

Curriculum Product Manager

Our Team

Art & Illustration

Aghnia 🇬🇧


Anna 🇮🇹


Brett 🇬🇧


Daniel 🇬🇧

Senior Illustrator

NicolÒ 🇮🇹

Senior Illustrator

Phillip 🇺🇸


Creative & Editorial

Mark 🇬🇧

Senior Writer & Editor

Tatiana 🇬🇷🇬🇧

Senior Writer


Caroline 🇩🇰

Graphic Designer

Fabrice 🇫🇷

Senior Graphic Designer

Holly 🇬🇧

Visual Artist

James 🇬🇧

Graphic Designer


Hannes 🇷🇴

Technical Artist

John 🇬🇧

Full Stack Developer

Johnny 🇩🇰

Game Engineer

Kasper 🇩🇰

3D Generalist

Lucas 🇧🇷

Senior Technical Animator

Michael 🇩🇰

Senior 3D Artist

Nicholas 🇬🇧

Full Stack Developer

Keenan 🇺🇦

Senior Game Designer

Steffen 🇩🇰

Concept Artist


Charles 🇬🇧

Business Analyst

Gemma 🇬🇧

Customer Services Advisor

Jillian 🇺🇸

Social Media

Liva 🇦🇹

Senior Performance Marketing Manager

Roie 🇮🇱

E Commerce Manager

Sonya 🇬🇧

PR Lead

Finance & People Operations

Adam 🇦🇺

Finance Manager

Christina 🇬🇧

Operations Manager

Rachel 🇬🇧

Executive Assistant

Our Offices

We have offices in the UK and Denmark

We're hiring!

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