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What are US bloggers saying about Mrs Wordsmith?

"This might just be one of the best and most engaging vocabulary programs ever! We rarely get to associate the word engaging with vocabulary. 😉 It’s genius, completely research based, and so well done! This program organizes and integrates words based on what kids need to not only strengthen their vocabulary and reading skills but their writing skills as well".

Hope King

Elementary Shenanigans


Brianne Manz

Stroller in the City

Mrs Wordsmith

"Although the children love our nighttime story routine, reading requires much more instruction and a special focus on learning vocabulary. Children with a richer vocabulary become better readers and writers. My new secret weapon to teaching my children how to read is Mrs Wordsmith."

"One of the things I love about Mrs Wordsmith is that it focuses on how the words are used. After all, we want our students to be able to read and write these words in context, not just in isolation, right? Every word comes with a worksheet with synonyms and word pairs (called collocations) for students to sort."

Sarah Forst

The Designer Teacher


Emily Aierstok

Read it Write it Learn it


"These vocabulary cards from Mrs Wordsmith have been such a help today as my students brainstorm their “Annabel Lee” style poetry. Poetry can be intimidating for kids, so helping them find the right words has been key!"

I’m confident that my students’ reading and writing vocabulary will improve after using this program!"

Amy Mckinney

The Unique Classroom



Let's Celebrate Learning


"We know as teachers that vocabulary is KEY for academic achievement, especially in reading and writing!"

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