Parents Urged to Focus on their Children's Vocabulary Learning

A study of 1300 teachers has revealed that 60% of them report undeveloped vocabularies in children of all ages, leading to lower self-esteem, negative behaviour and a difficulty making friends.

The study, commissioned by Oxford University Press, found that:

  • 60% of teachers report seeing underdeveloped vocabularies in children in their classes
  • 80% agree that vocabulary deficiency correlates with low self-esteem
  • Children with language problems at age five, are four times more likely to have reading difficulties in adulthood, and struggle to understand exam questions

Mrs Wordsmith: a new system for teaching vocabulary to children

Studies assert that a child’s vocabulary is the single biggest contributor to their performance at school in all subjects including maths. By the age of nine, those who know more words are better at reading and writing.

Words matter. But not just any old words. Mrs Wordsmith has developed a pioneering new system that teaches rare words because these matter most. They help children grasp new concepts, use their reasoning skills and develop self confidence.

Join thousands of parents teaching a word a day

Parents testing Mrs Wordsmith found that it was possible to boost their child’s vocabulary in five minutes a day, with more relevant words. Targeted vocabulary learning boosts children’s achievement across the curriculum, empowering them to get more out of reading, school and relationships.

Vocabulary is crucial to oral language learning and comprehension, acting as a precursor to later reading success (Gonzalez et al., 2011; Pollard- Durodola et al., 2010).

A richer vocabulary leads to better grades

Mrs Wordsmith is developed with leading academics and linguists to complement the school curriculum. Mrs Wordsmith has products for two age groups - 'The Social Journey' for ages 3 - 6, and 'The Narrative Journey' for ages 7 -11. The monthly bundles include hilariously illustrated daily worksheets, beautiful flash cards, story books and activities.

Mrs Wordsmith have worked with some of the world’s leading literacy experts to develop a ‘word a day’ programme that is fun for both children and parents.

Why Mrs Wordsmith works

Five minutes of daily vocabulary learning helps children develop a curiosity for language, known as ‘word consciousness’ which accelerates self-driven learning.

80% of new words are acquired via direct explanation, rather than just ‘figuring it out’ while reading - Mrs Wordsmith makes this easy and enjoyable to do with your child.

Teaching a new word alongside its common word pairs increases the speed and efficiency of vocabulary learning and shows children how to use it.

Illustrated by the Hollywood award-winning artists behind Madagascar and rooted in research by educators, linguists and lexicographers. Images instantly clarify meaning, while laughter releases dopamine, which activates long-term memory.

Set your child up for a lifetime of learning and success. Join our growing fast-growing community of aspirational parents giving their children the incredible gift of words that matter.

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