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  • Resourceful Easter Handout

    Printable handout for Easter creative writing fun

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    • Curriculum-aligned - teaches Key Stage 2 vocabulary
    • Perfect for ages 7 - 11

    Write an enchanting Easter tale

    A fun, illustration-based writing prompt designed to develop kids' creative writiing skills. Learn some verdant spring vocabulary and write an enchanting Easter tale about a rabbit who dared to dream with our Resourceful Easter Handout!

    What are storytelling words?

    The words in this handout are aligned to the Key Stage 2 curriculum for English. It was developed with childhood literacy experts, with word selection informed by cutting-edge machine learning.

    <small>Resourceful</small> Easter Handout

    Resourceful Easter Handout

    <small>Resourceful</small> Easter Handout
    Free Download