• Storyteller’s Starter bundle

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    Let your child’s storytelling skills soar with our Storyteller’s Starter Bundle!

    • Perfect for ages 7–11
    • Buy Storyteller’s Word a Day and Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary together and save!

    Not one, but two award-winning Amazon Best Sellers

    Storyteller's Word a Day

    Storyteller's Word a Day fires 7-11 year-olds’ imagination. It’s packed with rich, descriptive vocabulary for all aspects of storytelling, from describing characters’ appearance, actions, and emotions, to creating vivid, memorable story worlds.

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    Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary

    The world's only Hollywood-illustrated storyteller's dictionary is the most up-to-date and comprehensive dictionary for budding storytellers everywhere. Designed to help kids write brilliant stories, excel at school and in life.

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    Writing makes you happier

    Research shows that writing helps us make sense of our thoughts, feel better about past negative experiences, and feel more optimistic about the future. In fact, one study even found that writing every day improved overall health by as much as 50%!

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    Storyteller’s  Starter bundle

    Storyteller’s Starter bundle

    Storyteller’s  Starter bundle
    $40.40 $44.90
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