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    Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary

    Designed to help kids write brilliant stories, excel at school and in life. Each word is accompanied by a hilarious illustration to clarify meaning, art directed by the creative genius behind some of Hollywood’s biggest animated hits.

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    Storyteller's Word a Day

    Every day, flip the page and discover a new, hilariously illustrated word that takes kids’ storytelling to the next level. Set it on the breakfast table, talk about it together, tell stories, and create a daily word learning habit that will last a lifetime!

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    Storyteller's Word a Day 2

    Has your voracious little wordsmith already devoured the first volume of Storyteller’s Word a Day? Ravenous for more? Storyteller’s Word a Day 2 features 180 more richly descriptive storytelling words, hilariously illustrated by our team of Hollywood artists.

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    Storyteller’s Card Game

    The hilariously fun way to help write kids write brilliant stories. Find the right words for a haunted castle, a bank robbery or a troll picking its nose. Play on as the budding storyteller erupts inside you and words flow like lava! Ages 7+

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    Writing makes you happier

    Research shows that writing helps us make sense of our thoughts, feel better about past negative experiences, and feel more optimistic about the future. In fact, one study even found that writing every day improved overall health by as much as 50%!

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    <small>Storyteller’s</small>  Master Bundle

    Storyteller’s Master Bundle

    <small>Storyteller’s</small>  Master Bundle
    €88 €111
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